TestMax Nutrition

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Many men over age 40 find themselves working hard in the gym, focusing on a healthy diet, and doing their best at making healthy life choices but still find themselves feeling tired and weak. Problems arise when little to no change can be seen, despite significant physical effort and a disciplined diet. Giving total effort without changes occurring can be extremely frustrating and discouraging.


What many men fail to understand is that these frustrating changes are due to the decline in a vital male hormone. This hormone contributes to overall bone health, fat burning metabolism, muscle mass and strength, athletic performance as well as mood. As a man ages, his production of this hormone continually declines year after year. After age 40, in most men, this essential hormonal is drastically reduced and almost turned off and they face growing obstacles in terms of health. Potentially, up to 95% of men could be deficient in this powerful hormone without even knowing. The good news is that turning this vital hormone back on is possible through the nutritional and lifestyle changes outlined by a new system, TestMax Nutrition.

TestMax Nutrition was specifically founded to fight against this exact hormonal decline that occurs with aging. Developed by Clark Bartram, America’s Most Trusted Nutritionist, TestMax Nutrition is designed to optimize the production of this crucial male hormone.

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Key Points of TestMax Nutrition

TestMax Nutrition focuses on energy ingredients along with estrogen blocking nutrients in order to allow for maximum levels of the critical male hormone.

  • The first male hormone optimized eating plan
  • Designed to enhance the master male hormone
  • Effectively targets and gets rid of stubborn belly fat
  • Eliminates the need to depend on a lifetime of costly hormone replacement therapy
  • Specifically designed for busy mean
  • Foods that successfully block estrogen

TestMax Nutrition is broken down into 3 Simple Phases


testmax nutrition meals
The first 30 days of the TestMax Nutrition diet center around eliminating harmful foods that contribute to poor hormone health. This revolves around reducing estrogen in your body, reducing chemicals in your diet, and evaluating your stress and sleep.

Each meal will focus on a variety of macro and micro nutrients in order to properly fuel your hormones. Every meal contains a precise, balanced ratio of hormone supporting nutrients.

Male Hormone Optimization and Recharge

This phase of TestMax Nutrition results in the fastest changes in appearance. In this phase, T levels will be maximized.

TestMax Nutrition Lifestyle

The last phase aims to create a balanced, flexible lifestyle that will be easy to maintain. By creating a system that is able to be followed with minimal effort, TestMax Nutrition can become a lifelong choice.

The 3 Main Rules TestMax Nutrition is based on

Eating healthy and preparing nutrient dense meals can seem overwhelming but TestMax Nutrition breaks it down into a simple checklist of 3 rules. All meals are colorful, easy to prepare, nutrient dense and delicious.

  1. Be able to cook a week’s worth of meals in under an hour
  2. Each meal must contain nutrients that boost the crucial male hormone
  3. Each meal must contain potent estrogen blocking foods

It is necessary to find the right balance between too much food and too little. Too much food stressed the body while too little can be harmful as well. With TestMax Nutrition, finding the proper balance of nutrients is clear.

What Does the TestMax Nutrition System Include?

The TestMax Nutrition system is loaded with tools and information to assist your body in balancing crucial hormones. The system includes:

  • Delicious recipes designed to support and successfully peak your levels of the essential male hormone
  • How to manage your shopping budget by creating meals that save money
  • Guidance and resources on preparing a week’s worth of meals in an hour in order to save time and hassle
  • How to effortlessly break your poor, detrimental habits that are killing your hormones
  • Exclusive PhD training videos that will help you quickly understand everything that is important to male hormone health
  • Full access to the TestMax Nutrition series of live cooking and hormone guidance videos
  • Free access to the TestMax Nutrition mobile device app for complete access to all your hormone boosting tools

In addition, the TestMax Nutrition system also includes a variety of essential tools for achieving optimal male hormone health despite your age.

The male hormone food boosting catalog: A complete list of foods designed to boost your master male hormones

The quick start recipe guide: A printable guide of simple starter recipes

The hand portion control guide: A convenient chart that eliminates the need for measuring utensils and food scales. By using this simple tool, proper portions can be achieved simple by using the palm of your hand.

Limited Time Test Max Nutrition Discount Price

Currently, TestMax Nutrition is offered at 50% off of regular pricing for a limited time for a total of $97. The program also offers a 60 day trial period with complete money back guarantee.

TestMax Nutrition also offers 2 free bonuses as part of the system in order to ensure maximum success:

Bonus #1: 30-day free access to full TestMax Nutrition meal plan and recipe guide A great variety of delicious meals ensures a higher likelihood of success. With these guides, finding new meals to incorporate in your hormone boosting diet will be easy to discover.

Bonus #2: DVD set along with instant online access Instant access to the TestMax Nutrition system through a members only website and app.

All in all, growing older does not automatically mean it will be impossible to stay fit, enjoy life and maintain energy. By utilizing the right foods and lifestyle tweaks and optimizing hormone levels, energy, vitality, and physical strength can all be maintained.